About FiveBox Our history and philosophy

FiveBox was founded by two veteran Software Engineers who saw project after project, managed and developed the wrong way.

At the core of our business is the premise that software development should not be chronically over time, over budget, and out of line with stakeholder expectations. Beyond simply providing services, we take pride in partnering with our clients to solve these important issues.  

For most of our clients, Software and Technology are the most important facets of their businesses. That's why each project gets top priorities of:

  • Gaining a complete understanding the client's business
  • Building a long-term relationship with each client
  • Properly architecting and building a product that will scale with evolving business needs

Our Development Manifesto

FiveBox believes in and practices agile development. Our world-class Software Engineering team works in small sprints to continuously deliver incremental pieces of functionality for client approval and feedback. These continuous iterations allow for a transparent and agile development process that is responsive to stakeholder feedback. Constant communication and best-in-class tools allow us to keep an open and transparent dialog throughout the entire software lifecycle—from ideation to final delivery to ongoing maintenance. Learn more about our Process here.

Our mission is to build products with a clear process and purpose; and our goal is for everyone to be proud of the final product. FiveBox specializes in building highly scalable and secure cloud software for clients in healthcare, construction, gaming, and consumer technology.

Software development should not be chronically over time, over budget, and out of line with stakeholder expectations

Leadership Team

Douglas Shaffren

Douglas Shaffren


Douglas is the technical visionary at FiveBox. His intense passion for computing and technical leadership began as a child operating a Bulletin Board System servicing hundreds of users and running small businesses out of his garage. He has since enjoyed over 15 years of experience architecting high-profile, robust software solutions that are critical to successful business operations and generation of revenue. Douglas has led development teams for a variety of projects that span across multiple industries. At FiveBox he oversees all Software Engineering activities to ensure that the team is consistently delivering high quality, scalable, and secure software for clients. Douglas graduated cum laude from Georgia Institute of Technology with a degree in Computer Science.

Phil Goodwin

Phil Goodwin

Director of Product Design

As the Director of Product Design at FiveBox, Phil leads the team in creating user friendly, highly functional, and beautiful software interfaces, and keeps our clients up to date with the latest advances in user experience, web, and mobile design. Phil has over 15 years of design experience, beginning when he spent sleepless nights in college at UGA learning Photoshop in order to create graphics for his pop-punk band. Since then, Phil has created design work utilized by the likes of Anheuser-Busch, Quicken’s Rocket Mortgage, Yahoo!, and the Atlanta Falcons.

Matthew Ohlman

Matthew Ohlman


During his tenure in the software industry, Matthew has been at the forefront of the rapid technology shift that has transformed software into cloud-based web and mobile applications. He is an advisor to the FiveBox team. Matthew received a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science with high honors from Georgia Institute of Technology.

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